Hi my name is Lori Williams Watkins, I am a mother of 3 and a wife. I am here to tell you a little about my life. I Love God and church and i thank God for this gift and many more. I have to give him all the Glory first off! So a little about me here we go.

I started my small business back in the summer of 2021 around June or July. I wanted to do something a little different like make customized tee shirts, lip gloss, keychains and more. Even though this is fairly new to me I decided to go ahead and step out on faith. I've always had trouble with just stepping out of my comfort zone, but as I got older I learned that if you want to do something always put GOD first in everything you do, have a positive mindset, a good support system, and go for it without hesitation and so I did just that. My dad always told me before he passed away back in 2015, that he loves the young lady that I've became and that I make him proud. So I'm doing this in memory of my father, my mother who is still with me today Praise GOD, myself, and my family. I thank God for a supporting husband he has been by my side from day one and I really appreciate what he does for me. I am a young lady who always try to stay ahead on things that I know has to be done. This is a new chapter in my life and my wish is that you will welcome me into your shopping spree as I welcome you into mine. I'm looking forward to a successful online business!

Lori Williams Watkins


P.O.Box 14
Gainestown, AL 36540